AMSTERDAM by Maya Arad Yasur


We are venturing down a new, exciting route during lockdown.  We intend to rehearse, record and transmit this play as an audio production by the Loft Theatre Company to a paying audience.  This is the second of what we plan to be a regular activity so long as we are unable to use our theatre to entertain our audiences.

Transmission dates are:  6th to 10th April 2021 inclusive, five pre-recorded transmissions.  Below is a schedule of the rehearsal and recording dates I propose and we shall use a Zoom connection from your own home.  I have divided the play into three sections for rehearsals and recording;   There is allowance for retakes on recording  The whole production will then be edited, effects and sound perspectives added and assembled as a sophisticated product for transmission.   I shall direct the production and Jonathan Fletcher will be the master of all matters technical.

Stylistically, this play has an original approach to telling a story, a story that intrigues as both mystery and thriller, whose purpose is to deliver a salutary reminder of the depths of inhumanity that our fellow humans can reach.   The story is told, not by the protagonists, but by six commentators on, and observes and inquisitive outsiders to, the events as they take place.

The play is set in Amsterdam in 2018, but takes us back to 1944.  A successful Israeli violinist has taken up residence in a very attractive flat beside the principal canal in the centre of the city.  She has one neighbour in the flat above, a reclusive old man.  She receives a gas bill from the local authority dating back 74 years and amounting to €1700.   This simple letter pushed under her door opens up a horror story taking us back to the holocaust.  The script contains some strong language and scenes some may find upsetting and refers to anti-Semitism.

I need six contrasted voices, three men and three women.  No character names or descriptions are provided in the text and the author has not attributed any line to an identified speaker.  I have done that and labelled you all A to F.    There are no substantial speeches.  I have therefore selected four pieces for you to record from another play.   The following descriptions are generalisations only:

A  – a precise but inclined to be thoughtful male, not bullish

B  – an acerbic male, the one who would be edgy and liable to quick conclusions

C  – a man who is more expansive and political and very articulate, forceful

D  – a woman who is intelligent, speaks well but sympathetically.

E  –  a quiet woman who sees the softer side of life, but still with spirit when needed.

F  –  a strong woman who is more inclined to go for the clear attack than kindness.

To offer yourself for casting in this audio production, record whichever piece you like and as many pieces as you like, indicating if you so choose, the role, A to F, for which you prefer to be considered.

The Loft values diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, faith and age, so casting will start from this position and always be open and neutral.

Please ensure your recording is with me by NO LATER than Wednesday 24th February and I will respond by 28th February.  Email to:

Scripts are being prepared and annotated indicating which actor is speaking and if you are cast, a copy will be emailed to you.


Monday 15th March at 8pm to 10pm                          Section 1, pages 3 to 22 end scene 4 part 1

Wednesday 17th March 8pm to 10pm                        Section 2 pages 22 to 45 end scene 2 part 2

Friday 19th March  8pm to 10pm                                Section 3  pages 45 to 66 end of play

Sunday 21 March   2.30 pm to 4.30pm                     Section 1

Monday 22 March  8pm to 10pm                               Section 2

Wednesday 24th March  8pm to 10pm                       Section 3

Friday 26 March 8pm to 10pm                                   Complete run

Sunday 28th March 2pm to 5pm                                 Section 1   RECORD

Monday 29th March 7.30pm to 10.30pm                   Section 2  RECORD

Wednesday 31st March 7.30 to 10.30pm                   Section 3  RECORD

Thursday 1st April  8pm to 10pm                    Reserve call if needed



All the best to everyone, keep safe and well.


William Wilkinson, play Director

Any questions, please direct to Bill on or email

Sue Moore Artistic Director on