Casting Call for part in Anne Boleyn by Howard Brenton


Invitation to audition for two roles in the October 2021 production of

Howard Brenton

Playing dates 20 th – 30th October 2021
Rehearsals will commence early September.

Director: Tara Lacey


We are looking for two actors to play the historical characters:

1) Dr John Reynolds – the academic and churchman of Puritan views,
present in the court of both Elizabeth 1 and James.

Playing age: 44-60

The successful actor will be doubling in other non-speaking roles in the
Tudor court and forest; there is lots to keep an actor busy with no time
for waiting in the wings!

2) King James VI of Scotland/I of England

Playing age : 35-45

This is a challenging role requiring a good Scottish accent, plausible
drunkenness and an exploration of James' homosexual relationship with
his court favourite. He is amusing, random, excitable, intelligent,
determined, wily, drunken, indulgent and unpredictable and his court
provides the vehicle for Anne to compare and contrast her life and
religious experience. This is a significant role within the whole play.

The play itself is dynamic and with much ensemble work, performed from
two vantage points – the Tudor court of Henry VIII and newly ascended
James 1.

The script is witty and clever; funny and violent by turn. There is a Tudor
pavane (courtly dance) and Lutheran hymn to learn (for Dr Reynolds) and
a drunken Stuart 'fling' for James – keeping all the actors on their toes!

For more information about this role and for audition details, please
contact the director Tara Lacey at or the Artistic
Director, Sue Moore at