Casting for role of George Villiers in Anne Boleyn


By Howard Brenton
Director Tara Lacey
20th – 30th October 2021
Rehearsals will start early September.

‘George Villiers’ favourite of James 1

Playing age : 25-35 described in the text as a ‘fit young man’.

This is an interesting role though not too large in terms of lines. It requires plausible drunkenness (!) and explores the affair/relationship between George and the King. The King is amusing, excitable, determined, wily, indulgent and unpredictable and his court favourite is the perfect foil for him! There is a drunken Stuart ‘fling’ to keep both the King and George on their toes.

There will be some doubling for the successful actor, as a country person in the Tudor segments of the play with a Tudor pavane (courtly dance) and Lutheran hymn to learn also (though the play is not a musical!).

The play itself is dynamic and with much ensemble work, performed from two vantage points – the Tudor court of Henry VIII and newly ascended James 1.

The script is witty and clever; funny and violent by turn.
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