Latest news round up from Artistic Director


So, here we are moving towards the end of the Loft’s special year to mark its Centenary. It hardly seems possible. When we started planning for this year at the start of the pandemic it seemed ages away and when the pandemic lengthened, we were concerned we would even be open. Now we are hurtling to the finish tape, marking a significant milestone in the history of this remarkable independent theatre company. How proud our founders would be.

Enormous thanks to Craig Shelton, who made his directorial debut with us for our last production of Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Party’. What a play, what a debut piece of writing for Pinter and what a superb production from Craig and his entire company. The accolades flowed and the reviews from critics and audience were spectacular. I know, because I do front of house duty at some point throughout the run of our productions and it is wonderful to hear such positive comments first hand as the audience leave the auditorium. Several audience members stopped to talk with me on the evening I was there and one couple walked by and just said “the Loft is having such a marvellous season”. It was great to welcome more new actors to the company in this cast and to know that they are already involved in future productions.

Next up is the last production of the year, Shakespeare’s joyous ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. A bit of sunshine all round in the depths of winter! The 60’s theme settled on by director Michael Rolfe, fits the play’s narrative so well. A decade full of liberation, new ideals, sexual freedom and of course the summer of love resonates as the young lovers flee the constraints of life at court to rebel and revel in the forest as countercultural hippies. One look in the dressing rooms at the 60s costumes is making me feel very nostalgic. We have assembled a vibrant company of cast and creatives, with many new to our company again.

Come and celebrate with us with, who else, but Shakespeare as we close out such a special year; a year of plays which have reflected many of the playwrights who have mattered to us and shaped our history. I hope there has been much to please you. Thank you to the entire Loft company, on stage, off stage and front of house for the love and talent they have shown. We must never forget that we are all volunteers who do this to pursue our passion for theatre. A final ‘thank you’ to you all, our patrons, for supporting us as we have recovered from the shock of closure. We hope you have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and that we can tempt you back to our 2023 programme. We are already in rehearsal with the January show, so are getting ready!

Let the last words be from the magnificent, incomparable William Shakespeare.

“If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended: That you have slumb’red here, While these visions did appear.”