Reading and Audition dates for ‘Consent’ by Nina Raine



by Nina Raine

Director: Tara Lacey

PERFORMANCE DATES   3 – 13 May, 2023

Rehearsals start mid March, 2023

READING: Monday, 5 December at 7.30 p.m. at the theatre

AUDITION: Sunday, 11 December at 11.0 a.m. at the theatre

The reading and audition will be held at the theatre. We usually use our Stage Door entrance, but as this area currently resembles a building site, we are going to open the front of the theatre accessed via Victoria Colonnade. Please use this entrance only for both the reading and the audition.

Nina Raine’s ‘Consent’ was a sell out at the National Theatre in 2017 and is described as ‘blistering’. It is in turn powerful, painful, funny, shocking, uncomfortable, tense, intelligent and leaves you with many questions as to how you personally interpret and feel about what has unfolded before you. Focusing on truth, justice and of course ‘consent’, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

With strong language and themes throughout and the characters’ depiction and reference to sexual violence, sometimes in a flippant, glib way – by it’s very name, you know that the subject-matter will be controversial. (*There is triggering content in this play).

Briefly, a synopsis:
“..two male, barrister friends take opposing briefs in a rape trial in which the complainant is comprehensively demolished. But shortly thereafter, one of the men, Edward is accused of marital rape by his wife, Kitty’. Woven through the narrative is the issue of class – the very middle-class lives of these friends, far removed from the existence of the working class victim and her struggle – or so they believe.

As the case concludes, the ordered lives of these privileged friends begins to unravel around them. All the time we’re asking ourselves, ‘Is Justice blind?. ‘Is there one, fixed and stable ‘truth’?’ as issues of love, deceit, honesty, forgiveness, judgement, morality – even karma, swirl through their relationships.


Edward a barrister
Kitty a new mum
Jake a barrister
Rachel a barrister
Tim a barrister
Zara an actor
Gayle/Laura a rape victim ( accent) / solicitor (RP)

Playing age guide for all characters 30s – 40s

I’m looking for seven collaborative players – who are flexible of thought, enthusiastic, easily directed and brave, for my staging of this provocative piece.

To register interest, or if you are interested but can’t make the dates, or for any more information, please get in touch with the Director, Tara Lacey by email at or for any general questions contact the Artistic Director, Sue Moore at



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