Reading and Audition Notice for Boudica


By Tristan Bernays
Director: Elizabeth Morris

PERFORMANCE DATES 7 – 17 June, 2023

Rehearsals start mid April, 2023

READING: Monday, 23 January at 7.30 p.m. at the theatre
AUDITION: Sunday, 29 January at 11.0 a.m. at the theatre

The reading and audition will be held at the theatre. We usually use our Stage Door entrance, but as this area currently resembles a building site, we are going to open the front of the theatre accessed via Victoria Colonnade. Please use this entrance only for both the reading and the audition.

‘An epic, blood-soaked spectacle… Bernays’ writing is beautifully clear and disciplined… a thrilling, challenging and thoroughly disturbing examination of one of Britain’s bloodiest – and feistiest – patriots’ – WhatsOnStage

‘Fast, foul and funny… Tristan Bernays writes with hints of the classics, yet it retains a sense of the modern. Bernays’ words trip off the tongue, occasionally drifting into the poetic, and at other times into the coarse. Not only that but it’s incredibly funny, with elements of Monty Python-esque humour running through’ – Broadway World

‘Audacious, inventive and vivid… a show for fans of Game of Thrones… refreshingly, Bernays has written a play in which women get to do the exciting stuff’  – Evening Standard


It is Britannia AD 61

The Iceni king has died and his widow has been stripped of her lands and title. Their daughters were violated, beaten and banished from their lands along with their mother, Queen Boudica.

Tristan Bernay’s bold and brutal retelling of Boudica’s story was first performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London in 2017 and follows Boudica’s journey as she seeks to reclaim her land. Rallying clans from all over the kingdom, she is out for bloody revenge – even if that means war.


Boudica – Strong Willed, Protective, Proud, Skilled in warfare and survival, direct, a straight talker, vengeful, measured, intelligent, cunning, patriotic, a Queen.

Boudica’s Daughters:-
Blodwynn – Fiery, protective, tempestuous, patriotic, proud, a warrior, age 18-25.
Alonna – Caring, intuitive, a peace maker, a healer, age 16-25.

Catus – Procurator of Rome, weak leader, age 40-60, lived alongside Britons using bribery and sly methods

Suetonius – General elect, seeks to purge Briton of it’s natives under Rome’s direction.

Cunobeline – King of Trinovantes with whom Boudica first seeks refuge/alliance

Clothen – Cunobeline’s wise aide

Badvoc – King of Belgics, arrogant, vulgar, crude, lust for blood.

Sylvia – A roman captive of the Belgics, saved by Alonna


Roman Woman

3 Roman Soldiers, Comedy relief, 19-30

Cato – Day dreamer, hates briton, the cold, the food, a complainer, not very bright

Lucius – Easy going, the brightest of the bunch, curious, funny, takes his job seriously.

Sestus – Sarcastic, bored, rarely cracks a smile, chauvinist.

Sejanus – Roman General (doubling with Sestus)



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