Reading and Auditions for Lady Windermere’s Fan


By Oscar Wilde
Co-Directors: William Wilkinson and Lorna Middleton

Performance dates: 30 March – 9 April 2022
Rehearsals commence on or around 14 February 2022

READING: Monday, 18 October 7.30 p.m.
AUDITION: Sunday 24 October 12 noon – 4.0 p.m.

Both the reading and the audition to take place at the Loft Theatre in the Coffee Lounge. Please come to the Stage Door at the rear of the Theatre.



The wit, elegance and high society, full of brilliantly conceived characters, typical of Wilde, gives this play its high gloss, London 1892. As a young woman, Mrs Erlynne deserted her husband and new born baby for her lover, an affair that did not survive. She was cast out of respectable London society and has lived on her wits ever since. Her baby has grown up, married and is now Lady Windermere. Mrs Erlynne choses to blackmail Lord Windermere: pay up or she will destroy his wife`s life by revealing herself as her disgraced mother. But she did not bargain for her feelings on meeting her daughter and discovering she is about to make the same mistake she made herself. , She is still a mother at heart, but sees her dilemma: how can she act as a mother without doing untold damage. The story is beautifully told whilst the sparkling world of Wilde continues undisturbed.


THE CHARACTERS – (ages as a guide only)

Lady Margaret Windermere – celebrating her 21st birthday, sharp, assured, impulsive, maybe not quite the puritan she likes to think herself: a play carrying role

Lord Arthur Windermere – her husband of two years, not necessarily of the same age, very aware of his social standing, proper, decent and very much in love with his wife, play carrying role

Mrs Erlynne – 40s, steeped in social scandal. Glamorous, determined, lives by her wits but laced with sadness, play carrying role

Lord Darlington – same age group as Windermere, vaguely subversive, determined, smooth operator, socially charming, major role.

Duchess of Berwick – 50s, commanding and confident, epitomises high society, knows everyone and every secret, major role

Lord Augustus Lorton – 40s, unattached, in thrall to Mrs Erlynne, inclined to clumsiness, delightful comedy role, carries important plot development.

Lady Agatha Carlisle – 20s, marriageable and on the market, daughter of Berwick, has only one line which she repeats endlessly in every variation of meaning. Delightful comedy role

Mr Dumby – probably 50ish, a mystery to himself, unmarried, attracted to Mrs Erlynne, but something of the pet attachment of Lady Plymdale, quietly comic

Mr Cecil Graham – anywhere between 30 and 60, a gadfly never short of a cynical quip, slips in and out and keeps the party going

Parker – who knows, could be 60, the faithful, never absent manservant. Fun.

Party Poppers in Act 2 (limited rehearsal calls) All add colour, elegance and glamour to the ball scene and strongly individual; ages, just as you come, good mix

Lady Plymdale
Lady Stutfield
Lady Jedburgh
Mrs Cowper-Cowper
and then
Mr Hopper – 30s, fresh to London from his native Australia, rich and determined to marry well, not a shy man! Accent essential for character


To register your interest, or if you are interested but can’t make the dates, please contact William Wilkinson on 01386 700372 or email him on

For general questions, please contact Sue Moore, Artistic Director at


The Loft’s casting policy is centred on casting the very best actors for each role. Casting will always be open and neutral. Everyone is welcome and warmly encouraged to attend auditions. If specific race/ethnicity or other characteristics are central to the story, we will make this clear in audition notices. There is no pre-casting without the express permission of the Artistic Director.

You do not need to be a member of the Loft to be cast in a production.