“Keeping Our End Up” –

AUDITION 25TH November at 2.0 p.m.

An audition will be held in the Coffee Lounge of the Loft Theatre on Sunday, 25th November at 2.0 p.m. for the play which will be directed in its World Premiere Opening next spring by Michael Rolfe.

“Keeping Our End Up” is a comedy about a ladies bowls team written by local writer Mark Carey. Think ‘Outside Edge’ meets ‘Calendar Girls’ – that sort of area.

Rehearsals for the production will begin in mid-February 2019 and the play will be staged in the main house from 3rd until 13th April 2019.

The play is set in the present, on practice night (Wednesdays) in the run down Pavilion of the Longfield Bishop Ladies Bowls Team.

The ladies bowls team team (and the cast) comprises:

URSULA FEWINGS, early 60’s. Ran the village shop until it closed down a year ago.

VERONICA PALMER (Ronnie), 70’s.  A retired Magistrate, currently team Captain.

JANET BROOMFIELD (Jan), mid-30’s. A teacher at the local Primary school.

FIONA McGREGOR (Fi), late 50‘s.  A secretary in a law practice.

JOAN ROWAN, 56. A Dinner Lady at the local Primary school.

NOTE: None of the cast is required to have any expertise or experience in bowling.

ALSO NOTE: A retired farmer, Bill, is heard calling out the Bingo (and making a dog’s ear out of it) in the next room in ACT 1 scene 5. (It is likely that this part will be pre-recorded for the production.)


An action packed drama that shows us the ladies of Longfield Bishop clinging bravely to the metaphorical mast as they fight for survival against the turbulent storm that is life at the bottom of the local bowls league.

Or possibly not quite as action packed as that.




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