The Wind in the Willows

Adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett


Director: Robert Lowe

‘Toad: “They think I’m a fool, but sometimes I feel I’m the only one who’s really grown up”

Rehearsals begin Sunday October 4

Auditions: August 30 – September 6 (by appointment only – see information below)

Re-call auditions (if necessary): Sunday September 13


When Mole emerges from a three month lockdown (or hibernation as he calls it), he finds the wider world to be very different from what he imagined. He meets a colourful collection of characters (many wearing masks and gloves) and goes on some amazing, but socially distanced, adventures with them, which culminates in a battle for the control of Toad Hall between his group of friends and the Chief Weasel and his tribe.

The intention is to make this production a joyful celebration of the re-opening of The Loft after what will have been nine months away. It will be a fun version of the story, making a virtue of the social distancing requirements rather than seeing them as restrictions. A production to delight an audience and bring them back into the theatre safely, confidently, and for an entertaining couple of hours full of laughter and whimsy.

Please Note: This will be a production implementing social distancing requirements onstage, off-stage and in the auditorium as per the government guidelines for the return of indoor theatre. If those guidelines change in the next few months then we will adapt as we go … in other words some flexibility will be required!

A fabulous chance for those of you who have been missing participating in theatre to get back in the groove.

[All the singing will be recorded by the cast and either lip-synced or used as background material. If by December we are allowed to sing live then we will do so!]



Toad: “I could have been an actor, I suppose, though it’s no job for someone of my intelligence”                                                                 


MOLE –           a naïve, wide-eyed and inquisitive creature, full of the joys of spring, open to new ideas.

RAT – a bluff, but kindly creature, happy to show Mole the world around them.

BADGER – an avuncular (or materteral), worldly-wise creature with a kindly interest in younger creatures – the Gandalf of the wild wood.

TOAD – an outrageously self-centred creature with a heart of gold. A huge character, which demands a larger than life comedic performance!

ALBERT – a world-weary horse, full of the woes of a long-life lived in harness, but at the same time adorably loveable.

CHIEF WEASEL – an out and out villain. A cross between Al Capone and an estate agent, all for taking over Toad Hall and turning it into a suite of executive houses with a marina and a café!

WEASEL NORMAN – the archetypal side-kick

FERRET FRED – bodyguard /gangster

FERRET GERALD – another bodyguard/gangster

OTTER/PARKINSON/MAGISTRATE/TRAIN DRIVER/GYPSY –one actor to play a range of wildly different cameos – great scope for showing off a range of accents and physical qualities.



Ideally another three members of the ensemble who will play rabbits, hedgehogs, weasels, police etc.

Note: Casting for this production will be entirely neutral – based neither on age, sex, ethnicity or indeed anything else. The best actor for each role will be cast, based on the audition process only. All those interested must attend an audition, whether this be face-to-face in small groups of max 4 (preferred) or on Zoom, Facetime or other form of video chat.

If you would like to audition, or have any further questions about the production, please email the director, Robert Lowe, on with the following information before August 24:


Role(s) interested in

Contact Email

Whether you are happy to come to the Loft for an audition in early September (maximum group of 4 at each 60 minute audition slot) or whether you’d prefer an online audition. I will then get back to you with available times and audition material.

If you would like more to ask general questions about the re-opening you may also email Sue Moore (the Artistic Director) on

We look forward to welcoming you back!!

August, 2020

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