PLAYING DATES: 23rd September – 3rd October

READING:  Tuesday, 10th March at 7.30 p.m. at the theatre

AUDITION: Sunday, 22nd March at 2.30 p.m. at the theatre

Rehearsals will commence slightly earlier than the normal 6 weeks, from July 2020, to allow for rehearsals being over the summer holiday period.

This production will be a new version but for the purposes of the reading we shall be using the Constance Garnett version. As there are many translations, we will provide copies for the read through but please do bring your own copy, whatever version, if you have one.

“A comedy whose tragedy arises from the ridiculousness of its characters: we warm to them because they wear their absurdities so blatantly on their sleeves. The tragedy is that they get the opportunities to become better versions of themselves and always fail. They are irresistibly human.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Exploring the role of an artist both in life and in love and with themes of unrequited love, existential crisis and the banality of existence, The Seagull is recognised as one of Chekhov’s greatest plays. Set in the late 1800’s on an estate in the country, the characters, with little to do, explore their lives and selves as they pass the time in idle conversation.

(Playing ages are a guide only)

ARKADINA, an actress – playing age 40 – 55

Renowned actress, member of the Russian Aristocracy and artistic elite, beautiful, vain, miserly, a selfish mother yet doting lover, in love with Trigorin

KOSTYA, her son – playing age 20 – 25

Troubled young writer desperately seeking recognition from his mother, brooding and depressive, in love with Nina

SORIN, her elder brother and landowner – playing age 55 – 65

Not an artist but wistful, nostalgic and wise, a patient listener and confidant

NINA, daughter of a wealthy landowner – playing age 18 – 25 to match Kostya

Naïve, smart, idealistic, a hopeless romantic longing for a stage career – in a youthful relationship with Kostya but embarks on an affair with Trigorin

SHAMRAEV, Sorin’s estate manager – playing age approx. 50

Desperate to impress the Artistic Elite but a dictatorial, stubborn estate manager

POLINA, his wife – playing age approx. 50

Unhappy in her loveless marriage to Shamraev, in love with Dorn

MASHA, his daughter – playing age 25 – 30

Depressed heavy drinker and snuff addict who is in mourning for her life! Hopelessly in love with Kostya but settles unhappily for a life with Medvedenko.

TRIGORIN, a writer – playing age approx. 40 visibly younger than Arkadina

Arkadina’s lover and esteemed, obsessive, compulsive writer, somewhat aloof

DORN, a doctor – playing age approx. 50

An aging, handsome ladies’ man, an observer, confidant and witness to events, supportive of Kostya and the younger generation

MEDVEDENKO, a schoolmaster – playing age 25 – 30

Poor, hard-working and continuously hard done by complainer. Masha marries him as Kostya is unattainable.

JACOB, a workman –  playing age N/A

COOK – playing age N/A

MAID – playing age N/A

WATCHMAN – playing age N/A

If you are interested in the play, but cannot make the reading or audition dates or for any further information please contact the director, James Suckling at or Sue Moore at

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