The Loft Theatre celebrates and values diversity – in people, creativity, and thought. We are committed to creating an environment where all participants are treated with respect and dignity. Anything which endangers this approach has no place within the Loft Theatre culture.

Our response to events across the world over the past few months is that we condemn racism in all its forms, as an abhorrent manifestation of white supremacy, prejudice and intolerance. The Loft inhabits a society where conscious and unconscious prejudice and intolerance cause significant damage. We acknowledge that, although the Loft has always been open to everyone, there is a lack of diversity in our artists, volunteers, and audiences. We are determined to ensure that prejudice and intolerance of any kind is nowhere to be seen or heard at the Loft, and that advances in diversity are central to all our activities.

We are developing an action plan for protecting against prejudice and improving diversity. Here are some actions already in place.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

The Loft Board has reviewed its Policy and this is now publicly available on our website. We will ensure that all existing participants at the Loft, and all new arrivals, will receive a copy of the Policy and this statement. The Policy makes it clear that all participants are expected to play an active part in the implementation of the Policy and that they will never infringe the rights of others through their behaviour, the way they treat others, and the language that they use. Click here to read policy >

Casting Policy

The Loft’s policy is centred on casting the very best actors for each role. Our team of directors are committed to racial, cultural and artistic diversity and they embrace our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy at all times. The Loft values diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, faith and age, so casting will start from this position and always be open and neutral. Everyone is welcome and warmly encouraged to attend auditions.  If specific race/ethnicity or other characteristics are central to the story, we will make this clear in audition notices. There is no pre-casting without the express permission of the Artistic Director. The Policy will be communicated to all directors and auditionees.

Monitoring and reporting

The Artistic Director and the General Manager will prepare a half-yearly report for review by the Board. This report will confirm that there has been full compliance with the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy or will explain the circumstances of any breach and what action has been taken. It will also include details of changes in the diversity of the Loft community.

Board of Trustees

Loft Theatre Company                                                                                                                           September 2020