How quickly does the year seem to be whizzing by? We held the launch evening at the theatre last week for the productions for the first half of 2024, where the directors chat to our theatre company volunteers about the plays they are to direct, telling them something about them, about the playwrights, about how they might stage them, the casting, the creatives, the initial ideas on set design, lighting, sound and projection. We have been holding these events for 6 years now. It was such an exciting evening. The bar was packed with every available seat taken and the feedback was terrific. We are excited to bring you such a wide variety of powerful and different theatre. From comedy, to exquisite stand-out classic writing, a musical, new work, daring and challenging themes and our first truly immersive theatre. Something for everyone.

Our last production was Edward Albee’s ‘A Delicate Balance’ and what a great opportunity it was to bring this to a local stage; a play I have long admired and a cast I absolutely loved working with. The reviews were outstanding and the feedback from the audience was consistently and overwhelmingly positive. As one audience member said to me “the standard of acting and the depth of talent is extraordinary here. How lucky we are to have this on our doorstep”.

Next up is Macbeth, unquestionably the most poetic Shakespeare play and one which speaks to us urgently still today. A play which builds with almost unbearable pain to a climax for Macbeth to pay a growing, moral debt. It gives us a great opportunity to witness the tortured mind and soul resulting from the horrific acts in pursuit of power, encouraged by his wife. David Fletcher has been working with his cast on the text during the summer prior to entering rehearsals and having witnessed this half way through that process I can assure you that you are in for a treat. A careful, considered, thoughtful piece of work from everyone who has touched this play. What is so wonderful about leading this theatre company is the degree of commitment and personal investment that the casts and crews make in every dimension of each production. Amy Carroll, our new Production Manager, who brings years of professional experience to us, has designed her first set for us and also made the puppet in the show. Don’t miss the chance to hear this most wonderful poetry. So many productions of this play are currently in auditoria everywhere; it seems to be the hot ticket Shakespeare of the year. Don’t miss it at the Loft ………… Michael Billington who reviewed it as one of his last productions was right when he said it is quite simply the greatest theatrical poem ever written.

Following Macbeth we have a complete change of mood, celebrating the music of Kander and Ebb. You may not immediately know their names, but you will certainly know, Cabaret, Chicago and all their associated musicals and songs and the connections with Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra. New York New York, one of their compositions became a signature song for Sinatra. 5 actors and singers present a huge catalogue of their work in revue with singing, dancing and……..yes rollerskating!! Book early to see this wonderful celebration of this multi Tony award winning team of musical theatre creators, under the direction of James Suckling and Musical Direction by Liam Walker; the team behind the most recent Sondheim musicals at the Loft and a potent partnership!
As I write, Spencer yard surrounding the rear of the Loft is nearing completion, scaffolding is coming down after nearly two years of living in a building site and Spencer Street is looking more like it should. It feels like we have a lookalike Theatre Royal Drury Lane on our doorstep. I might be found out there sitting on the steps with a bunch of violets in my hand seeing if I can tempt you to buy a ticket for a show.

Thank you all for your continuing support of us as the only independent live theatre company in Leamington. We simply can’t continue without you and our only funding is through our box office ticket sales and therefore we stand or fall through you. Please keep us thriving and able to offer you a great standard of theatre without needing to travel far. We do this for you……..with love and the highest artistic intent.